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Women in New Delhi push against all odds through arm wrestling

Published: March 8, 2019

STORY: A group of women in India capital New Delhi have taken up arm wrestling to carve a niche for themselves in the sport considered by many to be manly.

The ‘Royal Sports Club’ plays host to a more than half a dozen women train with weights and pulleys to master the sport that requires competitors to force an opponent’s wrist to the table, either through a split-second push or minutes of grinding technique.

Many women in the club feel that arm wrestling has instilled confidence in them to take on any challenge while also making them stronger.

17-year-old Karishma Kapoor, who recently took up the sport, believes Hindu goddesses like Durga and Kali resides in every woman and they are capable of achieving anything they wish.

New Delhi, with a burgeoning population of 16 million, has the unsavoury reputation of being the country’s “rape capital”, recording more rapes annually than any other Indian city.

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