Tourists throng northern India for ice skating

120814-iceSTORY: Tourists from different states thronged Shimla city in India’s northern Himachal Pradesh state and enjoyed ice skating.

Visitors who could not see snowfall in hill town of Kufri enjoyed ice skating as a swimming pool of an amusement park was turned into an ice rink.

One of the organisers, Nishant Nag, said that tourists were getting disappointed as the region was not witnessing snowfall for past few years.

“During winters, tourists come here with a hope to see snowfall but for the past few years the snowfall is very less here. So, for tourists, we have made this main activity of ice skating. In summers we have water activities and due to weather conditions here, water automatically naturally freezes here in winters. We have turned a negative aspect into a positive one and we have professional instructors to help tourists in ice skating and it is the main attraction,” said Nag on Sunday (December 07).

Tourists from different regions like Ludhiana, Rajasthan, etc enjoyed ice skating and instructors were seen helping them.

“We are from Rajasthan, Jodhpur and we were expecting snowfall in Shimla but didn’t see it. But we are enjoying in Kufri as we are able to do ice skating. We are thinking of coming back here again and enjoy it more,” said a tourist, Narayan Goond.

Kufri is 19 kilometres away from Shimla city and has pleasant and cool weather.

Located in the tropics, most of India witnesses very hot summers and largely temperate winters.

In higher altitudes, temperatures even drop to sub-zero level and some states witness lowest minimum temperatures.

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