Swine flu claims 28 lives in northern India

STORY: Swine flu claimed 28 lives in northern India, amid fears of escalating number of cases, confirmed hospital officials, on Friday (February 08).

In northwest Jodhpur town, the number of patients admitted with swine flue is on the rise and hundreds of people are rushing to the general hospitals.

“Since January 01, 123 patients afflicted by the swine flu have admitted in our hospital. Out of these, 26 people have died,” said Doctor Arvind Mathur, principal of the medical college inn the city.

Preventive and cleaning measures have already been undertaken in a war-footing basis by the health services in these regions to stop further spreading of the disease.

“Both of them were admitted in the critical condition and one died last night. We took samples from both and one of them tested positive and other one tested negative. One more woman was admitted today and we took sample from her also. The cases are on rise and our hospital is geared up for the challenge,” said Doctor Ramesh Chand, medical superintendent of northern Shimla city.

The afflicted victims are suffering with symptoms of sudden fever and sudden cough, vomiting, runny nose, Diarrhoea or stomach upset, abdominal cramps, bleeding and headache.

The H1N1 virus, better known as swine flu, created panic and fear worldwide in the year 2009. The virus is generally found in pigs but has the same symptoms as any seasonal flu.