Suspected militants released by India’s southern state police accuse them of being insensitive

STORY: The two suspected militants released by India’s southern state police, after they were cleared of their charges of sedition and militancy, accused them of being insensitive on Tuesday (February 26), while recalling their time in detention.

The two suspected militants — Muthi-Ur-Rehman Siddique and Mohammed Yousuf Nalband — were released by police in Bangalore city on Monday (February 25) night.

While speaking to mediapersons, for the first time after being released, Muthi-Ur-Rehman Siddique, who was formerly a journalist with an English newspaper, said that he was thankful of being cleared of all charges.

“I am very relieved that my name has been cleared on the charges of sedition and terrorism and so on. It was only with the grace of god and the support of my family members, my friends and my well-wishers that I could get out of this difficult situation,” said Siddique.

He also said that during his time in prison he had repeatedly claimed of his innocence but the police always ignored it.

“I was telling them from day one that I am innocent and I think that my other friends are also innocent, but the police were, it appears, insensitive to our pleas and to our point of grief,” Siddique added.

Bangalore police had announced in August 2012, that they had foiled a terror plot with the arrest of 13 suspects.

Those arrested were allegedly trying to target important personalities, including lawmakers, legislators and a renowned columnist of a vernacular newspaper.

Police officials had said that those arrested most likely had links with militant outfits like HUJI (Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami) and Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT).