‘Stop The Violence’ Show at INDtv Studio, Milpitas, CA

Event: Stop The Violence Show at INDtv Studio.
Pfox Presents a night full of music, entertainment, art and community.
Date: November 10, 2012 at INDtv Studio, Milpitas, CA

With 50 homicides occurring in the city of San Jose, a group of young concerned citizens came together to raise money for the affected communities in the city of San Jose. The night was for the community by the community.

INDtv provided its state of the art studio for the artist(s) to come out and have their show. The purpose of the night was to have people come together in unity and raise a standard for our community to live in harmony and peace.

Michelle Kristofik a passionate artist displayed an extensive collection of art that promoted peace in the world. The night also had a musical line up that included several talented musicians from California. Dallas Ingram, Kingz Kidz, Scoob the Deacon, Cam the Product, Saylah Flowz with DJ Frankie Fingaz, Izreal, and the host for the night Me’shell delivered tasteful music along with message of love, hope and action in community. Inside Out Film, Playworks, City Year, World AIDS Day and a few others tabled at the event and had the opportunity to network for upcoming shows.

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