Years of hard work, training and practice comes down to this one performance, Arangetram. We share your passion and hunger for perfection so you can relax and enjoy your daughter’s performance with your family and friends. We handle more than 200 performances annually and have the team, state-of-the-art equipment, processes and experience to consistently deliver excellent results. Let’s capture these moments and save them forever!

Arangetram Packages:
3 HD Cameras $1500
Add these features to further enhance your event experience:
  • High resolution pictures on Dropbox $600
  • 1 HD camera HDMI feed to screen $200
  • Live Broadcast streaming $400
  • IMAG $750

Note: When IMAG is combined with Live Broadcast Streaming, your friends and family can experience the show through multiple camera angles. One camera feed can be boring to watch.

Check out these sample videos:

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