Naval exhibition in India’s southern state creates awareness among youth

STORY: The Naval Science and Technological Laboratory (NSTL) in Visakhapatnam city of India’s southern Andhra Pradesh state showcased world class hydrodynamic test facilities and weapon systems.

The four-day open house exhibition began on Tuesday (February 26) and was organised by NSTL aimed to make the youth aware about the research that was undertaken and the career prospects in the field.

A scientist and organiser of the exhibition, Kedaranadh, said that this would benefit the students a lot as they get to know about the latest technology.

“The students who are studying especially engineering and science students; if they are exposed to this sort of technology, they will come to know the physics behind each technology. This is a kind of example, real life example for them, and they will come to know, how actually we can apply this science. Whatever they are studying in their college and schools, how they can apply in real life for making under water weapons, they will come to know,” said Kedaranadh.

The scientists at the exhibition addressed the queries of the enthusiastic students as they got to know more about the functioning of the various equipments that were displayed.

The mobile decoy drew the attention of the visitors as the scientists explained to them its functioning.

Other models, which were on display, included a torpedo and a light weight mine, which can demolish the enemy vessels.

A student, Latha hailed the exhibition and said that it enhanced their knowledge.

“I am doing a project in NSTL only, in embedded instrumentation system, the concept of underwater vehicles and the weapons torpedo is very useful to us,” said Latha.

As a premier laboratory of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), NSTL is involved in the design and development of advanced naval weapons and state-of-the-art stealth technologies.

The company invited students of engineering colleges, and university scholars besides general public to visit NSTL.