National Highway in India’s Kashmir closes after landslide, vehicles stranded

STORY: The 300-km-long Jammu-Srinagar National Highway (NH 1A) was closed after landslide, leaving passengers and traders stranded amid chaos and traffic bottlenecks.

Landslide in Ramban district near Udhampur has resulted in the closure of the National Highway 1A on Wednesday (December 19).

NH 1 A is the arterial road that connects Kashmir valley with the rest of the country.

A passenger from Kashmir, Wasim expressed his ire over the negligence of the administration as it failed to make any arrangements for the stranded commuters.

“We appeal the administration to make some arrangements for us like accommodation and eating. We are starving since yesterday. We do know when it will open. Some people say the road has opened whereas others say that the road is closed. We were dropped at one of the posts. If they closed the highway then they should make some arrangements for our accommodation,” said Wasim.

Reportedly, heavy rainfall triggered landslides in many regions including Maroog, Sri and Ramban areas leaving thousands of vehicles stuck in the snarl.

A businessman, Ghulam Mohammad informed that around 40 to 50 vehicles were left stranded due to the landslide.

“We came from Jammu and they did not allow us to cross the highway at 1.00 in the night. It is the second day and we are facing lot of problems. Policemen hit our vehicles with batons and ask us to go back. We do not have any idea whether the highway will get open or not. Nobody is informing us about the actual cause of the closure. No eating or staying arrangements have been made and around 40 to 50 vehicles are left stranded,”

Meanwhile, the Border Road Organisation (BRO) is making efforts to clear the blockades.