Modi’s candidate deploys 3D holograms to woo voters in India polls

Published: May 8, 2019

STORY: A candidate from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party has turned to technology to campaign for general election and charm voters in a unique way.

Anurag Thakur’s team has developed a unique mobile hologram technology that is being used for campaigning in the picturesque constituency of Hamirpur.

“This is basically a 3D chakra fan which has hologram projection”, said the brains behind the innovation, Astik Kumar, on Tuesday (May 07). “Since this is a new technology, you can get your message out faster,” added Kumar.

Locals had their interests piqued when men carried hologram fans bearing pictures of Thakur and Modi and blaring Bharatiya Janata Party campaign songs in a busy street in Hamirpur. Many were impressed by the new way of campaigning as opposed to the age-old pamphlets and poster approach.

Kumar said election campaign strategists from the U.S., Germany and the European Union were touch with his team to understand the technology and use it in future polls.

This is not the first time Modi’s party has used 3D technology. Modi had earlier used 3D technology to appear simultaneously at 53 events during his 2014 election campaign.

Staggered voting in the general election is currently in progress across India, with results to be declared on May 23.

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