Micky Virus released without the no Smoking disclaimer

102513-mickeyThe Indian censor board’s decision to show an anti smoking ad and a disclaimer in the beginning of any film in theaters has been altered for the recently released ‘Mickey Virus’. Since the movie has no smoking scenes, the censor board agreed to show the film without any disclaimer and the ad. “We want to cater to not only youth but also family audiences with ‘Mickey Virus’. Even when I was writing the script I was very clear that we will steer clear of any kind of abuse, smoking or drug scenes that will alienate audience. Also, Manish Paul has a huge fan following now especially among female audiences hence instead of making him speak offensive words, we’ve given him quirky north Indian words that are hilarious but absolutely not offensive to listen for example words like Jhalla, baagadbilla or bajarbattoo. We’ve even used funny vegetable names and other fun stuff to make dialogues funny and quirky,” said Saurabh Varma, the director of Mickey Virus.

INDtvUSA Staff Writer

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