Locals of India’s Kashmir face problems as heavy snowfall blocks arterial road


Locals of India’s Kashmir bear the brunt as heavy snowfall blocked arterial ‘Mughal road’ on Sunday (February 24) that connects border districts to the main city, hampering trade and communication.

The areas isolated from the state due to the blocking of this arterial road are facing the major difficulties, as supplies of food and other essential commodities have been adversely affected due to the road blockade.

Trade and commerce in the regions has come to a complete halt and it has become difficult for the poor to sustain themselves.

“This road helps us to commute back and forth and so people and shop owners even made space for it. All these people want is that the road should help with their work and business and benefit them in some manner,” said, Maroof Khan a local.

The locals of the area appealed to the government to clear the Mughal road as the month of March is approaching, which they expect to be good for trade and business.

Locals of Buffliaz town are isolated from the major cities, as there is no possibility of commuting due to snow clogged roads.

“This road should be functional because all our business is through this road. Because of the heavy snowfall in winter our work and business have come to a standstill that is why we need this road cleared as soon as possible so that our businesses can run. We are poor people and only have small shops here but the roads are blocked and the cars don’t run because of the snow. We have a shortage of wood, electricity, water and such basic amenities therefore we request the government to atleast provide these basic amenities,” said Allaha Dita Khan, a local of the area.

The Mughal road, which was a major project for the government of Kashmir, was created with the intention of connecting Bafliaz, a town in the Poonch district, to Shopian district in the Kashmir valley.

The road being a grandiose achievement for the government is still ineffective due to incessant snowfall in the region.


The locals are of the view that the road is inadequate as long as the government does not take steps to ensure that blockages are regularly cleared.

The inefficiency of the local administration leaves the locals of remote areas helpless and deprived of basic amenities.