INDtvUSA’s coverage of Ayyappa Bhajans

Event: INDtvUSA’s coverage of Ayyappa Bhajans
When: Saturday, Dec 15 2012
Where: Maha Kaleswar Mandir, 2344 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051, USA

– Ayyappa Samaaj Mission.
Ayyappa Samaaj is founded with the intent of providing support for Ayyappa devotees. We have organized numerous events related to Ayyappa in the past 6 years. We have formalized our efforts and registered as a non-profit 501 C (3) organization in 2010. Our dream has been to build a permanent shrine for Swami Ayyappa.

– Mandalam 2012
— Mandalam, the 41 days starting the first of “Kartikai” / “Vrischikam” month during which Ayyappa devotees take the ‘deeksha’ (penance) and spend their time devoted to the puja of Ayyappa. Ayyappa Samaaj plans various events during mandalam including ceremonies for wearing the maala, chanting mantras of Swmi Ayyappa and singing bhajans.
— Planning events to encourage the devotee community to come together during mandalam has resulted in the devotees having a strong bond, and to do selfless service to the community.
— During this mandalam, events have been conducted at the Concord Shiva-Murugan Temple, Campbell SVCC Temple, and Maha Kaleshwar Temple in Santa Clara. We are also planning to go on a bus trip to the Siddhivinayaka Temple in Sacramento on December 23rd, as a small pilgrimage like those in India.

– Dec 15 program at Maha Kaleshwar Temple, Santa Clara
— On December 15, there will be Ayyappa puja, archana and bhajans held at the Maha Kaleshwar Temple in Santa Clara. Over 30 children from the Sharda Bhajan Mandali in Fremont are expected to participate in singing bhajans.
— Over a hundred devotees are expected to attend the event.
— Next week, on the 22nd, maala-dhaarana for kids is planned at the Concord Shiva-Murugan Temple. Devotees from all around the Bay Area are expected to bring their children and have them participate in wearing the maala and undertake the vratam.

– Upcoming Temple in the SF Bay Area
— Establishing a permanent shrine for Swami Ayyappa has been the dream of Ayyappa Samaaj. It looks like that dream soon will become a reality. We are working with a group that is establishing a temple in the heart of the Bay Area where a permanent shrine for Ayyappa will also be included. We are very excited about this prospect and looking forward to the kumbha-abhishekam where the idol of Swami Ayyappa will be enshrined. The temple will also be a community center where programs for seniors, students and the larger community will be available.

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