INDtvUSA’s coverage of 2012 Low-Key Hillclimb up Mount Hamilton. San Jose, CA, USA

Event: INDtvUSA’a coverage of 2012 Low-Key Hillclimb up Mount Hamilton. San Jose, CA, USA
Date: November 22, 2012, San Jose, CA, USA

Low-Key was formed by Dan Connelly and Kevin Winterfield in 1995. Low-Key organizes the Low-Key Hillclimbs. 8 climbs around the Bay Area from October to November, and the Mega-Monster Enduro Time Trial in February. Through these races, Low-Key strives to provide cyclists of all ages and abilities a chance to participate in a fun, welcome and supportive atmosphere. All proceeds go to charities that include the LiveStrong Foundation, the Peninsula Open Space Trust, and the Friends of Lick. Visit event site here: Visit race site here – or

Over 150 cyclists from around the world met at the base of Mount Hamilton in San Jose on November 22, 2012 to race 18.5 miles up the grueling climb to finish off this year’s Low-Key Hillclimb Series.

The ride encourages people from all walks of life and of all ages to participate. This year 14-year old Kristin Wolfe, a junior racer, joined the group as they powered up the hill and the winner of the women’s division, Melanie Spath, flew in from Ireland to compete. Also, Matt Allie became the first person in the series to run up the mountain.

The top 3 finishers of the race were as follows:

1st: Adrien Costa, Slipstream-Craddock Jr. Development, 69:46
2nd: Ryan Sherlock, Cycleways CC, 70:19
3rd: Eric Wohlberg, The Brown Zone, 71:25

1st: Melanie Spath, Cycleways CC, 83:08
2nd: Katelyn Connell, GPC Dream Team, 86:08
3rd: Lisa Penzel, The Brown Zone, 88:55

Participants were interviewed to share their experience and comments about the race by Lane Parker for INDtvUSA.

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