Indian forest officials seize Pangolin, arrest five smugglers

Published: May 8, 2019

STORY: Forest officials in India’s eastern Jalpaiguri district seized a dead pangolin from smugglers on Tuesday (May 07).

The police had intercepted a vehicle after a tip-off. Forest Range Officer Jalpaiguri, Sanjay Dutta said that they found a bag in the vehicle. There were vegetables on the top but under them there was a dead Pangolin.

According to the police, the smugglers got the animal from poachers in the forests of Sikkim and were taking the endangered animal to neighbouring Bhutan from where it was meant to be taken to China.

Pangolins are listed under the ‘threatened’ species under IUCN red list. They are smuggled for their meat, medicinal use, and luxury goods. They are known to be one of the most smuggled animal species in the world. They are the most in demand in China and Vietnam.

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