Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s wife enjoys Christmas Eve with underprivileged children

STORY: Showing her philanthropic streak, Nita Ambani, wife of one of India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, enjoyed Christmas Eve with underprivileged and physically-abled children, distributed presents with their favourite Santa Claus in Mumbai city on Monday (December 24).

Christians make up around 2 percent of India’s 1.2 billion strong population with its largest concentration in the southern and north-eastern states.

Ambani accompanied children to a toy store, where young girls sang Christmas carols for them.

Children were also greeted by their favourite Santa Claus with gifts, chocolates and candies.

Ambani said that children will visit the store for three days and a distribution of presents of their choice will be held.

“I am delighted to spend time with all these children and we have this going on for three days. So, the children will come to the store for three days and all of them will get gifts and we will all spread Christmas spread together,” she distributed.

India is a land of diversity. Therefore, people from different regions have different customs and beliefs, which influence the Christmas celebrations.

Christmas is a very special occasion in India and people prepare special dishes for the day.

Indian curries and other regional delicacies make Indian Christmas special.

Xmas stars, trees, cribs and decorative items form a vital part of Christmas celebrations.

Marking the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas is celebrated by many across the world on December 25.