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Farmers face losses due to massive dust storm in North India, mango harvesting badly affected

Published: May 14, 2018

STORY: Unseasonal powerful storm and torrential rains on Sunday (May 13) damaged crops in northern India, putting farmers in dismay.

Storm uprooted trees, knocked down power poles, grounded flights and disrupted trains across northern, eastern and southern states, including the capital, New Delhi, on Sunday evening. At least 66 were reported dead in four Indian states, due to the fierce storm.

The storm coupled with rains caused extensive damage to mango farmers in Lucknow and Moradabad in northern Uttar Pradesh state. A farmer, Amrendra Singh, said 40 percent of his produce was damaged due to the storm.

Storms are common at this time of the year, the beginning of the rainy season in South Asia, but the severity of the weather this year, and the human cost, have been unusual.

More than 60 percent of India’s population of 1.3 billion depends on agriculture for its livelihood.

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