Exhibition on currency notes draw crowd in western India

121316-currencySTORY: An exhibition on currency notes of various countries attracted hundreds of visitors in Vadodara city of India’s western Gujarat state on Monday (December 12).

The exhibition showcased rare collection currency notes, coins and stamps from 193 countries.

Sanjay Joshi, a retired bank manager from western Mumbai city, exhibited his collection to make people aware about currencies and culture of different countries.

“All countries currency notes, coins and stamps are on exhibition with a short history so that people get to know there are many countries. We have knowledge of cricket playing countries only. World beyond that is huge, astonishing and beautiful,” said Joshi.

Visitors who attended the exhibition were amused by the variety of coins and currency on display.

“Many currencies have India touch. We had only heard of that, but never saw that. I came here with my kids so that they too can know that there are so many currencies and all can be seen at a place. We know about paisa, rupees, dollar, pound or five to ten more only. We understood that there are so many different currencies,” said a visitor, Bhavisha Gohil.

Citizens battling demonetisation woes also got an opportunity to witness Indian currency note of Rs 1,000 that was invalidated by the government in 1978.

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