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Ethnic textiles with warm colours of northeast entices designer at finale of fashion week in New Delhi


The finale of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, 2013, showcased traditional textile ‘Mekhela Chadar’ of India’s northeast Assam state. Bollywood actress and fashion icon, Sonam Kapoor graced the event with her presence.

National capital’s largest exhibition centre Pragati Maidan witnessed the finale of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013 (autumn–winter collection) on Sunday (March 17).

The final day of the five-day long event saw innovative collections of budding and veteran designers of the fashion industry. Indian designer, Vaishali Shadangule experimented with ethnic attire and textile of northeastern Assam state.

Mekhela Chadar is traditional clothing. The textile is woven of silk and looks similar to a sari. The attire is of three pieces-a skirt like a sarong, a blouse and an additional piece of cloth draped over the shoulder.

Designer Vaishali Shadangule twisted the conventional concept in her own unique style. Models sashayed down the ramp in elegant gowns, saris and sinuous dresses made from the rich textile.

The collection was experimented with a dash of warm colours like red, navy blue, golden also added serene whites.

Shadangule said that she was inspired by the hard work of the weavers and appreciated the presence of a weaving loom in every house for knitting the traditional textile.

“This time my collection has been inspired by traditional textile of Assam, Mekhela Chadar. When I visited the villages there, the most fascinating thing was a weaving loom in every house and weaving this traditional textile on the loom is a part of their daily routine,” said Shadangule.

Ace designer Manish Arora embraced the grand finale with his collection ‘Burning Man’. Bollywood actress and style icon Sonam Kapoor was present to support Arora at the grand finale.

Arora revealed that his collection was inspired by a festival, ‘Burning man’, which was celebrated in Nevada deserts of America with great pomp and show.

“Last year I went to a festival called ‘Burning Man’ which takes place in Nevada desert in America and I got inspired by the festival. It’s a place I wanted to visit since many years and I went for my 40th birthday last year and my collection is based on it,” said Arora

Around 125 new comers and veteran designers of the fashion industry graced the show with their creations. The five-day long fashion event, which was celebrating its 21st edition, concluded on Sunday (March 17).

This year, WIFW, 2013 Fall Winter collection was a mix of Indian traditional and western outfits. From gowns to little black dresses to beautiful Indian drapes, the WIFW 2013 was the perfect blend of the two worlds. However, the collections were less focused on the theme of the show, ‘fall winter’ as few winter creations took to the ramp.

The Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) is a highly acclaimed fashion event in India. Designers unveil their new collections to upgrade and set new fashion trends in the nation in every season of the year.

The show also facilitates platform and opportunities for buyers in the retail business. WIFW is a big name not only among buyers and designers. It also entices India’s youth who are fashionable and conscious of their style statement.

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