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Elephants camp in southern India draws tourists

Published: February 14, 2019

STORY: An elephant camp in India’s southern Karnataka state, known for rescuing and taming wild elephants, is a huge attraction among visitors.

Around 26 elephants and four baby elephants are currently housed at Sakrebailu Elephant Camp which was established in 1965. The camp mainly rescues wild elephants who attack villagers and destroy crops in and around Shimoga city.

The sights of elephants bathing and playing in the nearby Tung River is the main attraction for the tourists visiting the camp. The visitors can also bathe elephants under the supervision of Mahouts, play with them, feed them, pat them, and play with them at the camp for a full day experience.

The reformed elephants are sent for forest patrolling purposes and in some cases for religious festivals too.

Elephants are deeply revered in India, where the elephant-headed god Ganesha is one of the most popular in the Hindu pantheon and is also considered lucky. India has more than 50 percent of Asiatic elephants, however, its population has been dwindling due to frequent poaching for its ivory.

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