Eastern India tribal community sings, dance, celebrating UN rights declaration anniversary

Published: September 14, 2018

STORY: The tribal community in India’s eastern Jharkhand state celebrated the 10th anniversary of the United Nation’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples with great pomp and revelry on Thursday (September 13).

People of the indigenous community gathered at the state capital, Ranchi to sing and dance to its tunes in traditional attire in a grand show. Children gave special performances to folk songs and people played special games to mark the day.

The gathering asserted the unity of tribal people from all over the country and their right over their natural resources.

After this day was marked in 2007, we expected sensitivity from consecutive governments but neither our people nor the governments had any idea about this, so we are celebrating this occasion to create awareness, said the organiser, Ashok Chaudhary.

The declaration was adopted by the UN General Assembly exactly ten years ago, the 13th of September 2007. The declaration guarantees indigenous people’s right to education, health, livelihood, and language, along with the right to self-determination.

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