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Devotees celebrate Hindu festival in central India

Updated: Sep 8, 2017 10:30

STORY: Devout Hindus in India’s central Bastar district on Monday (September 04) held special prayers to mark the last day of the 75-day celebrations of the Hindu festival of ‘Deri Gadai’ or ‘Dussehra’.

‘Dussehra’, a festival commemorating the triumph of good over evil, is celebrated as ‘Deri Gadai’ in Bastar district.

Unlike in other parts of the country, there is no burning of effigies of ten-headed demon king, Ravana during ‘Deri Gadai’.

Festival organiser Dinesh Kashyap said people cutting across caste and community lines took part in the celebrations.

A priest, Krishna Kumar said it is believed to start all auspicious work on this day.

People offer prayers to deity Shakti (god of power) and perform rituals with a tree trunk during the festival, which is the country’s longest festive extravaganza.

The tree trunk is then taken out in a procession on streets as a part of the celebration.

People also sacrifice animals like goats and fish to mark the festival.

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