Cast and crew promote upcoming women-centric Bollywood film Gulaab Gang in New Delhi

030514-ggSTORY: Cast and crew of upcoming Bollywood film, ‘Gulaab Gang’, were seen promoting their women-centric movie in the national capital on Tuesday (March 04).

The film ‘Gulaab Gang’ starring Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla as leads is based on the life of a woman activist, who founded ‘Gulabi Gang’ in northern Uttar Pradesh province, which works for women empowerment.

Producer of the film, Anurag Sinha, said that there were no male characters in the movie.

“Gulaab Gang is a work of fiction. I wanted to do a film which is primarily western. There are no main male characters. It is essentially a woman’s fight against another woman. You know the political environment, how it is. So, that is primarily what the film is. I think the trailer has told you enough,” said Sinha.

The movie will see Dixit and Chawla working together for the first time and will hit screens across India on March 07, a day prior to the International Women’s Day.

“We would want to convey a social message through this film. The purpose of our film is to inspire, educate and entertain people. If we are able to achieve these three purposes, it would be a victory for us,” said Dixit.

Dixit also said that working with her co-star Juhi Chawla was a great experience.

However, earlier members of women movement, ‘Gulabi Gang’ were irked with the filmmakers. Leader of the ‘Gulabi Gang’ Sampat Pal had said that the cast and crew of the movie never sought their permission to film their life. Meanwhile, a documentary filmmaker, Nishtha Jain, also said that the concept was taken from her documentary film on the gang members.