After blasts, students pray for peace in western India

STORY: Undeterred by the terror attack, students in India’s western Ahmedabad city in Gujarat state came forward to pray for the departed souls in the Hyderabad twin blasts.

The students in western Ahmedabad city chanted religious prayer and lighted candles to overpower dark shades of terror with faith and divinity.

The unflinching faith of youngsters came to the forefront, as they sat down together to show support to fight against terror.

“We will not bow down to terrorism. That’s sure. And we want our children to know also that terrorism is not the way of peace”, said the principal of the school, Robin.

The students prayed for the peaceful resting of the departed souls.

“So many innocent people got punished for no faults of theirs. So, I would like to ask the terrorists that why are they punishing innocent people in this manner?” said a student, Ruchi.

Fearing any further outburst in the country, children requested people to keep their nerves under control.

“We would request the citizens of India to be patient and not take any wrong step now,” said the principal of the school, A Rock.

Two bombs placed on bicycles exploded in a crowded market place in Hyderabad on Thursday (February 21), in which 16 people were killed and several others were injured.

Over the years, India has remained prone to terror attacks. Last year, four small explosions occurred in quick succession in a busy shopping area of the western Indian city of Pune.