About Us

Our Mission

We entertain, inform, inspire, and reflect the lives and interests of the many South Asian individuals, and those of Indian origin, living and working in North America.


In 2012—after recognizing the growing worldwide influence and migration of South Asians—we jumped in to bring you a wonderfully appealing mix of cultural, religious, musical, and informative content provided in English and with a unique local and regional focus. Our global team now uses the best and newest equipment to produce over 1000 minutes of original broadcast content. We have Bollywood entertainment covered for you along with business and technology news. And we’re very happy to be the official video-on-demand crew for TiE Silicon Valley where we deliver many hours (several years worth) of intimate and dynamic content from TiE.

You can view our content on multiple platforms. Wherever you are in the world—if you have internet access—you have us!

Our Team

Charanbir Mahal
Katie Fischel
Parambeer Mahal
Board Member
Amrita Singh
Marketing Executive & Anchor
Fidel Gomez
Directory of Photography & Senior Editor
Sam Sood
CTO, IT & Broadcast
Ishan Singha
Intern - Sports Writer